Designed With You In Mind

Our expert Employability Skills instructors will deliver virtual workshops to enhance your skills and keep you informed.

Workshops will provide:

  • Easy meeting participation using the Zoom cloud-based video conferencing platform.
  • Important information about staying engaged during the Coronavirus crisis.
  • Instructions for using our alumni Facebook group, a place where you can communicate with other Goodwill graduates and get regular updates.

Choose A Workshop


Resumes and Cover Letters

This workshop offers best practices and valuable tips when creating resumes and cover letters to achieve success when applying for jobs. You’ll learn how to create effective and attractive resumes and cover letters that standout.



Interviewing Skills

This workshop offers best practices and valuable tips for effectively interviewing for jobs. You’ll learn about common mistakes to avoid and how to present yourself successfully with potential employers.



Positive Communication

It’s official: Positive language can change your brain. Basically, hearing and using positive language can make you feel good – physically, mentally and emotionally. Negative language, on the flip side, adds additional stress. We’ll practice turning every day phrases into more positive ones and learn how the power of words transforms conflict into cooperation.



Dealing with Stress

When faced with tough or demanding situations, we all respond to stress differently. This workshop will help you to identify your stressors, understand different responses to stress, and seek healthy ways to reduce your stress levels.



Creating A Saving and Spending Plan to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Taking control of your financial life requires planning, and that starts with setting goals and creating a savings & spending plan. Learn how to set attainable financial goals and the tips and strategies to achieve those financial goals. We will discuss how to create a savings & spending plan for your current financial situation as well as incorporating your future goals.



Sharing Inspiration

This online meeting will be a space where our furloughed associates and community clients can interactively share a brief story reflecting a major challenge that they overcame in their life. As a part of the sharing, we will ask for submittals of the brief story, music, poetry, scripture, or quotes that inspired the associate or client to keep moving forward in the wake of various challenges. As the series goes on, we plan to include inspirational speakers, authors, etc. who share messages of hope for humanity. With the sharing we would create a communal space for hope and inspiration.



Creating a Financial Recovery Plan Post COVID-19

Have you fallen behind on payments or increased your debt due to COVID-19? Learn the steps you can take to recover financially and rebuild your credit and financial stability after the COVID-19 crisis. The class will discuss how to evaluate your current situation, develop a financial recovery plan, and the steps to implement the plan. We will give you tips and tools as to how to talk with creditors, landlords, and/or service providers, and how to prioritize which debts or past due accounts you should strive to pay off first.



Borrowing & Using Credit Wisely

Being able to borrow money when you need it can help you achieve your goals and using credit wisely will enable you build up your credit score, which in turn allows you to borrow money with more favorable terms and conditions.

However, unless you are careful with your credit and borrowing, you can quickly find yourself in a position where you are spending more and more of your income servicing your debt.

In this class, you will learn:

  • The ins and outs of borrowing.
  • The warning signs of becoming overly indebted.
  • The action items to manage your credit wisely.
  • Tips and tools to help you build and maintain a good credit history.



Building Your LinkedIn Profile and Using LinkedIn to Your Advantage

80% of jobs are found through networking and what better way to begin to build and develop those connections than LinkedIn. Learn how to brand yourself, make connections, and find relevant groups to participate in so that you can be an active LinkedIn user. 














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