African-American Visionaries

Black History Month gives us the opportunity to recognize the tremendous impact African-Americans have had on all aspects of our society. In honor of this month we wanted to take a moment to lift up just a few of the many African-Americans who have left indelible marks on business throughout the years.

Veterans & The Energy Sector: A Powerful Combination

On Veteran's Day - a day when we recognize the commitment, valor, and sacrifice demonstrated by those who serve or served in our military - the conversation often evolves into a discussion about the number of veterans who are out of work.

Is There a Trade School Stigma?

Trade schools are one of the most effective ways to learn a very valuable skill in a specific industry. And while the skills taught in these schools are a necessity in not only the workforce but also to society as a whole there oftentimes seems to be a negative perception of those who take this particular route.

Navigating Networking

We asked prominent Washington D.C. business leader and professional coach Tim Kime some questions revolving around the tricky art of effective networking. We would now like to pass along some helpful tips that come from his years of experience on this topic.

7 Career Killers

We talk a lot about what to do to advance your career. But what about the things you shouldn't do? Those aspects are just as important to a long and healthy working life as the things you should be doing. With that in mind we would like to present a few maneuvers that could prove deadly to your career.

It’s Time to Stop Putting Off That Vacation

Have you been putting off that much needed vacation? It might be time to consider taking it. You'd be surprised at the far reaching benefits it can have not only for you but for your company and the economy.

Summer Podcast Listening List

The summer is prime time for some rest, relaxation, fun, sun, and of course bar-b-ques. But if you have an insatiable career growth itch that must be scratched these seven podcasts might be the perfect way to satisfy that desire while on vacation.

Webcam Interviews

As we press further into the 21st century, technology has allowed us to connect in so many new ways. This includes the means in which we meet and evaluate job applicants. And while these methods have gained prevalence, they are still uncharted territory for many people. That is why we wanted to present some tips to help navigate the booming trend that is web cam interviews.

“I am Paying My Own Bills”

From now until May 14 Goodwill organizations across the country will be celebrating Goodwill Industries Week. As we take this time to reflect on the true mission of Goodwill there is a very special woman who would like to thank you personally for your support of the organization who gave her the boost she needed to reach her full potential.

The LINE Hotel Hires DC Goodwill Graduates

As we work to continually expand our job training programs to better serve those who walk through our doors we are very proud to announce a hospitality job training program in collaboration with The LINE Hotel in Washington D.C.


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