9 Reads to Enhance Your Professional Development this Summer

How you can use your time away from the office to improve yourself professionally? By reading books, of course! Here are Steve Allan's 9 reads to enhance your professional development this summer.

No Vacation Nation: Are Americans Really Skipping Vacations?

Statistics referring to the U.S. as the “no vacation nation” date back as far as ten years ago. So should we be worried about this trend?

Summer is almost over… did you REALLY take a vacation?

The constant connection that comes with modern technology is undeniable. And while there are many positives to the convenience of this, there have also been some side effects many may see as unwanted. One of these side effects is the ability to be in contact with the workplace at all times... even on vacation. So how much of your summer vacation was still spent "at work"?

It’s Time to Stop Putting Off That Vacation

Have you been putting off that much needed vacation? It might be time to consider taking it. You'd be surprised at the far reaching benefits it can have not only for you but for your company and the economy.

Summer Podcast Listening List

The summer is prime time for some rest, relaxation, fun, sun, and of course bar-b-ques. But if you have an insatiable career growth itch that must be scratched these seven podcasts might be the perfect way to satisfy that desire while on vacation.


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