What To Do After The Job Fair

In a world where Artificial Intelligence sorts out the wanted resumes from the unwanted, a job fair is where you can engage in actual human interaction with real live recruiters! Once you’ve worked that room – here are a few next steps you can take!

A Quick Crash Course on LinkedIn

With the prevalence of social media in our modern society it is no surprise LinkedIn has become so prominent in the business world. When used properly, it can be an extremely effective networking tool and even a means to find the next step in your career. But like all tools, when used inappropriately it can be damaging to your personal brand and even your professional life as a whole.

Have No Fear! Social Media Can Help You Find Your Next Job

As the Digital Media Manager here at Goodwill, one of my responsibilities is to teach the students in our training programs how to use LinkedIn and other social media channels to help them search for and obtain employment. We want our students to have access to every opportunity by educating them on how technology and social media can be vital tools to entering or reentering the workforce.

How to Use LinkedIn to Network

Social media is a great tool to use no matter where you fall on the spectrum of networking skills. If you're looking to grow your network and build business contacts, LinkedIn is the place to be.


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