Are your professional references strategic or convenient?

To remain competitive, job applicants need to take a more thoughtful and strategic approach to building a list of references.

Hiring Managers Reveal Their Job Search Tips

How do you navigate a maze of jobs and applications to get noticed? Here are some pro tips for handling an interview.

How do you navigate a maze of jobs and applications to get noticed? Here are some pro tips for handling your career search and interview.

The World’s Best Jobs!

If you're open to new career opportunities and willing to do a little research, you may be surprised by the opportunities you can find! Here is a list of some of the most fun, easiest jobs that you can get paid to do!

Getting Past The Algorithm

Finding a job is hard work. The days of perusing the classified ads and dropping a resume in the mail are long behind us. Steve Allan of weighs in on automation in the hiring process and how you can beat the algorithm.

Congratulations College Senior! What’s next?

The last year of college is filled with plenty of fun, friends, and of course studying. For many students this will be the last year of their academic journey. And while they immerse themselves in the fun to be had and the work to be done, the clock is ticking and they will soon have to join the working world. Here is some advice to those who are preparing to take that next step.

When your CV has TMI

In order to be a viable candidate for almost any position in today's very competitive job market you'd better be sure your resume is on point. This fact rings true not only when it comes to the information you should present, but also with the information you should leave out.

5 Red Flags to Consider Before Accepting a Job

While being offered a job is never a bad thing there are certain times when accepting that job may not be the best decision for your professional or personal development. Here are 5 warning signs that may tip you off to those circumstances.

Seasonal Hiring Trends – Do They Matter?

When searching for employment could the time of year in which you look really effect your rate of success? According to recent findings the answer is a definitive yes.

Are Cover Letters Obsolete?

The purpose of the cover letter is to put a personality with the resume. But many recruiters are so overwhelmed with applications that many do not read them. If that is the case then is there a point to writing them at all?

Video Interviews – The Good, The Bad & Uncomfortable

A new job application trend that is gaining momentum in the business world is the video interview. While advantageous in many ways it also has its drawbacks and can add stress to the interviewee. What do you think?


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