Faces of Goodwill – Success Story Jessica H.

Your donations and shopping help fund job training that transforms lives. Meet Shawntay. Pictured here with Goodwill of Greater Washington

Eighty-eight Goodwill graduates were placed into employment in 2019 thanks to you, our Goodwill team and the determination of graduates like Jessica. She finished the Hospitality Training Program in March and achieved a lifelong dream.

Do you need a postgraduate degree to make it in the D.C. area?

It takes a tremendous investment of time and money to obtain a postgraduate degree. But having one in a competitive job market like the Washington D.C. area is sure to be beneficial right? Well, the answer to that question is not as cut and dry as you may think.

Advice from Goodwill of Greater Washington Execs to New Grads

Last year we reached out to a few local D.C. business leaders to ask them what tips they would give recent graduates as they enter the workforce. This year we approached our own Goodwill of Greater Washington execs and asked them the same question to see what words of wisdom they would provide.


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