African-American Visionaries

Black History Month gives us the opportunity to recognize the tremendous impact African-Americans have had on all aspects of our society. In honor of this month we wanted to take a moment to lift up just a few of the many African-Americans who have left indelible marks on business throughout the years.

Jobs Of The Living Dead

While these jobs may not be for the faint of heart we are going to guess there is probably some good job security if you decide to go into one of these professions. A few other perks: you won't exactly have to be in the traditional office environment and your coworkers are very quiet.

DC Adults Go Back to School

As a new school year begins we would like to take a moment to welcome an amazing group of Washington D.C. adults who are starting their journey towards earning their high school diplomas at The Goodwill Excel Center.

Summer is almost over… did you REALLY take a vacation?

The constant connection that comes with modern technology is undeniable. And while there are many positives to the convenience of this, there have also been some side effects many may see as unwanted. One of these side effects is the ability to be in contact with the workplace at all times... even on vacation. So how much of your summer vacation was still spent "at work"?

A Quick Crash Course on LinkedIn

With the prevalence of social media in our modern society it is no surprise LinkedIn has become so prominent in the business world. When used properly, it can be an extremely effective networking tool and even a means to find the next step in your career. But like all tools, when used inappropriately it can be damaging to your personal brand and even your professional life as a whole.

Is There a Trade School Stigma?

Trade schools are one of the most effective ways to learn a very valuable skill in a specific industry. And while the skills taught in these schools are a necessity in not only the workforce but also to society as a whole there oftentimes seems to be a negative perception of those who take this particular route.

Congratulations College Senior! What’s next?

The last year of college is filled with plenty of fun, friends, and of course studying. For many students this will be the last year of their academic journey. And while they immerse themselves in the fun to be had and the work to be done, the clock is ticking and they will soon have to join the working world. Here is some advice to those who are preparing to take that next step.

Do you need a postgraduate degree to make it in the D.C. area?

It takes a tremendous investment of time and money to obtain a postgraduate degree. But having one in a competitive job market like the Washington D.C. area is sure to be beneficial right? Well, the answer to that question is not as cut and dry as you may think.

On July 21st 15 Dreams were Earned and Fulfilled!

We would like to take a moment to applaud the 15 adults who comprised the very first graduating class from The Goodwill Excel Center in Washington D.C. On Friday, July 21st, these amazing individuals walked across the stage and accepted their high school diploma, unlocking the door to a brighter future for themselves and paving the way for future Excel Center students to follow in their footsteps.

Navigating Networking

We asked prominent Washington D.C. business leader and professional coach Tim Kime some questions revolving around the tricky art of effective networking. We would now like to pass along some helpful tips that come from his years of experience on this topic.


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