Jobs Disappearing Due To Automation

While the DMV area is less dependent on heavy industry than other areas, it does not mean we are immune to the slow creep of automation. Here is a look at the jobs most likely to be replaced by machines in our workforce.

Bizarre Jobs

In the true spirit of the season, we thought now would be a good time to explore some career opportunities that lean toward the bizarre.

The World’s Best Jobs!

If you're open to new career opportunities and willing to do a little research, you may be surprised by the opportunities you can find! Here is a list of some of the most fun, easiest jobs that you can get paid to do!

5 Questions to Always Ask When Interviewing for a Job

When applying for a job, getting that initial interview is always the most challenging part of the process because you're competing against dozens or even hundreds of other candidates. However, candidates often put little thought into asking questions of their interviewers. Here are 5 boilerplate questions to ask that will demonstrate you came prepared for your interview.

The Unemployment Rate in 2018

We have all seen and heard how well the American economy has been moving. The unemployment rate has continued to decline. With that in mind, we wanted to see how Washington, DC, and specifically usually hard-hit areas like Ward 5 and Ward 8, have been faring during this upswing.

8 Entry Level Positions That Pay Well

Everyone wants to start at the top, be the head honcho, the big cheese. Unfortunately, the reality is that unless you create your own business you will have to start at (or near) the bottom and work your way up. This is especially true for those that lack real-world work experiences like recent college grads and those switching fields.

Veterans & The Energy Sector: A Powerful Combination

On Veteran's Day - a day when we recognize the commitment, valor, and sacrifice demonstrated by those who serve or served in our military - the conversation often evolves into a discussion about the number of veterans who are out of work.

It’s Time to Stop Putting Off That Vacation

Have you been putting off that much needed vacation? It might be time to consider taking it. You'd be surprised at the far reaching benefits it can have not only for you but for your company and the economy.

Labor Day: Not Just Another Holiday

Labor Day is somewhat of an unofficial signal that summer is coming to a close. But while the meaning behind this holiday seems somewhat self explanatory there is more history to it than one might think.

Seasonal Hiring Trends – Do They Matter?

When searching for employment could the time of year in which you look really effect your rate of success? According to recent findings the answer is a definitive yes.


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