Goodwill has one of the most widely recognized brands in the world. Millions of people donate and shop with us every day. However, many of those people don’t fully understand how their donations and purchases can transform thousands of lives. The Now You Know campaign is designed to help educate and inform our community about how support for Goodwill impacts all of us. Each video is presented through a different lens…a Goodwill program participant, a graduate, trainer, employee, Excel Center student or employer. While we hope that every video resonates with you, our goal is that you at least walk away with a better understanding and appreciation for the impact you make every time you donate, shop, volunteer or make a gift to Goodwill. Thank you! #NOWYOUKNOW.

New videos will be posted every two weeks.

Video #12: Now You Know: Colleen Paletta

Video #11: Now You Know: Wilbert Gray

Video #10: Now You Know: Anfernee Brown, Goodwill Excel Center Student

Video #9: Now You Know: The Sow Brothers

Video #8: Now You Know: David Amoroso

Video #7: Now You Know: Delonte Brooks and Sandra Brooks-Burr

Video #6: Now You Know: Chelsea Kirk

Video #5: Now You Know: Charlie Sheets

Video #4: Now You Know: Tim Davis

Video #3: Now You Know: President & CEO: Catherine Meloy

Video #2: Now You Know: Richard Jefferson

Video #1: Know You Know: The Donation Cycle

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