URGENT NOTICE: Your Support Truly Matters Now More Than Ever! Any gift you make to our Goodwill will go towards over 600 furloughed employees and their families. This puts us in the best position to continue fulfilling our mission by responding to the needs of our community and our associates. Click here for more details or to donate.

Goodwill Legacy Society A charitable bequest is the simplest and most common form of providing an ultimate gift for a charitable cause. A bequest is a provision in one’s last will and testament where a gift or property is transferred from an estate to a charitable organization, such as Goodwill. Making a bequest can be as simple as inserting a few sentences into a new will, or can be added as a simple amendment (called a ‘codicil’) to an existing will.

Bequests can be structured in many ways. For example, you can make a gift of a specific item or amount of money or bequeath a percentage or the remainder of your estate after all other debts, taxes and bequests have been fulfilled, such as:

I hereby give, devise and bequeath to Goodwill of Greater Washington, the sum of $_________ or the property described as _________.

I hereby give, devise and bequeath to Goodwill of Greater Washington, the rest, remainder and residue of my estate, or _____% of the rest, remainder and residue of my estate.

You can also make a gift contingent upon certain events, such as:

I hereby give, devise and bequeath $_________ to my grandson, if he is living; otherwise to Goodwill of Greater Washington.

Donors who wish to include Goodwill of Greater Washington in their legacy giving or who have already made arrangements in their will are asked to contact Ellica Church, Individual Giving Officer, at (202) 719-1239 or by email for more information on our Legacy Society.

Thank you for your generosity and interest in supporting our mission to transform lives and communities through the power of education and employment.

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