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Working Capital - Goodwill's Mission Blog
Working Capital - Goodwill's Mission Blog
Working Capital - Goodwill's Mission Blog

Jobs of the Living Dead, Part 2

Posted: October 19, 2018

It’s the scary season. Ghosts, goblins and pumpkin spice everywhere! So, it would be natural for us to focus on a “dead” theme when it comes to the employment picture. We thought about dead end jobs but that was too vague. We toyed with the idea the “death” of certain types of jobs but that was stretching the point a bit too thin. So, we settled on jobs involving death –hence the title.

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Bizarre Jobs

Posted: October 12, 2018

In the true spirit of the season, we thought now would be a good time to explore some career opportunities that lean toward the bizarre.

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Strange and Unexplained Donations

Posted: October 5, 2018

With Halloween only weeks away, we thought it would be fun to take a dive into a few of the strangest, zaniest, most macabre items donated to Goodwill agencies across the country! 

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Dangerous Jobs

Posted: September 28, 2018

As you should be aware of things like career advancement, salary scales, and personal fit so, too, should you consider, or at least be aware of, any potential life-threatening risks that come with any job.

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National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month 2018

Posted: September 20, 2018

October is National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month. Educate and inform your friends and family members about the importance of employing people with disabilities!

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Work Place Emergencies

Posted: September 13, 2018

Louis Ferrell, Goodwill of Greater Washington’s Director of Safety, provides tips and ideas on how to best prepare a workplace emergency action plan.

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The World’s Best Jobs!

Posted: September 6, 2018

If you're open to new career opportunities and willing to do a little research, you may be surprised by the opportunities you can find! Here is a list of some of the most fun, easiest jobs that you can get paid to do!

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Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

Posted: August 30, 2018

Assuming that you start working full time at 21 and retire at 65 you will end up working over 91,000 hours - a sobering statistic to digest amidst a three-day weekend. It’s a good thing that we take one day a year to celebrate all that blood, sweat, and toil.

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Going Back to School – A Reason to Excel

Posted: August 24, 2018

For many students, the idea of going back to school marks the beginning of a new school year - but for our Goodwill Excel Center students, it means so much more.

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Cyberloafing is Good for You

Posted: August 16, 2018

Cyberloafing has more benefits than you think. Other than the satisfaction gained by browsing the internet for cute cat videos or mulling over celebrity gossip, surfing the web at work may actually increase your productivity.

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