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Every organization, large and small, has a set of core values that guide their principles, decision-making and business approach.  Without a set of core values, a company is left floundering for stability, vision and culture. 

At Goodwill of Greater Washington, we have an acronym for our core values:  RISE, which stands for Respect, Integrity, Service, and Excellence.

We developed these core values about 10 years ago, when we believed our previous values were outdated and far too cumbersome.  There were so many that they became difficult to understand and fulfill.

Recently, we began to evaluate our RISE values and learned through internal research that these values required some updating as well.  The values themselves didn’t need to change, only our approach to living those core values did.  Prior to the evaluation our goal had been to show respect, operate with integrity, provide outstanding customer service and demonstrate excellence with our external customers, which was both fine and appropriate.  However, we discovered that when it came to delivering on those core values within our organization – we could do better.

So as an organization we decided to evolve.  Recommit if you will to delivering on our core values with a renewed emphasis on the people within the Goodwill family while not excluding those outside.  We believe that if we treat our co-workers with respect, integrity, service and excellence, the delivery of those core values will translate organically into how we treat our customers and supporters.  Collectively, we must understand and accept that we are one organization comprised of 1,000 unique personalities, but that our differences are what make us strong.

As NFL Hall of Fame football coach, George Allen, once famously shouted to his players before the 1972 NFC Championship Game, “40 men playing together can’t lose!”  We hope to operate with the same philosophy:  1,000 Goodwill associates working together can’t lose.  If we’re successful, the ultimate winner will be our community.

We’re under no illusion that this is a quick fix.  It will probably take years before we have fully integrated the NEW RISE into our culture, and a plan has been developed to help us achieve that vision.  But today we’re proud of the fact that we have started and are committed to the evolution.

Last week, all Goodwill of Greater Washington associates joined together for our 10th Annual Celebration of RISE.  What differentiated this year’s event from previous years was the focus on how we treat those sitting and working beside us in addition to how we treat those who engage with us beyond our doors.

It’s a grand vision, but one we believe in.  Here’s to the NEW RISE – the RISE evolution!

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This article was written by: Brendan Hurley
Chief Marketing Officer

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