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We all have bad days at work.  Sometimes you drop the ball and have to take the heat, other times your boss just comes into work in a bad mood forcing everyone to run for the hills or bury themselves in their computers.  Other days, you’re just tired, stressed out or worse – burnt out.  Regardless of what causes a bad day at work, the simple fact is that everyone has them.

However, if you’re open to new career opportunities and willing to do a little research, not every job has to come with a few bad days.  As a matter of fact, with the jobs listed below, a bad day will be pretty hard to have AT ALL!

9. Chocolate Taster – Yes, you too can sit around on a lounge chair all day just eating bonbons and Hershey bars while getting PAID for it!  Every confectionary maker tests out new products through the use of compensated professional tasters before releasing their candy onto the market.  While you may not always like the new candy you’re testing and a diet may be in your future, it’s certainly a far cry from being a Sour Patch Kids taste tester.

8. Mystery Shopper – If you’re a shopaholic, then there is no better job for you.  You get to buy stuff and you get PAID for it!  We use mystery shoppers at Goodwill to evaluate the quality of our customer experience in order to help us improve.  Almost all retailers have mystery shopper programs and a quick internet search will pull up numerous companies looking for people to shop while paying them to do so.  And often you get the keep what you buy – BONUS.

7. Private Island Caretaker – Imagine living the life of the rich and famous, enjoying the benefits of their posh estates in the Caribbean or Mediterranean Sea and getting PAID for it.  You can earn upwards of $100,000 a year in this career.  While the reality is that you are responsible for keeping the property safe, looking good and prepared for those few days a year when the owner decides to drop in, the upside is that you are basically living in luxury while working in paradise.  Finding one of these rare gigs may be hard, but if you do, jump on it.

6. Food Critic – Yes, some will love you, others will hate you, but you get to eat at the world’s finest restaurants while getting PAID to do it!  And I’m not talking about all of you readers who consider yourselves “foodies”.  These are real, trained critics who represent respected periodicals or news organizations.  Can I specialize in critiquing pizza restaurants?  Just sayin’…  Anyway, this may not be the world’s highest paying job unless you are at the top of your field, but I can think of few jobs for which I would have more of an “appetite”.

5. Fortune Cookie Writer – Surprising I know, but those little predictions don’t write themselves.  Someone has to sit down with a tiny pen and slip of paper, see your future and then write it down…while getting PAID for it!  I’m just kidding on the little pen and paper thing, but you get the idea.  And the pay isn’t bad – upwards of $70,000 a year.  Boy, the number of fortunes I could write while sitting on a private island in the Caribbean sampling chocolate.

4. Luxury Bed Tester – If you like sleeping late, then this should be a “dream” job for you.  Yes, you get to test out high-end mattresses then share your thoughts with the manufacturer…and get PAID for it!  I can think of many a day when I would have gladly paid them for this opportunity. 

3. Video Game Tester – Something for the kid in all of us – or just Millenials.  Come to think of it, is there really a difference?  I digress.  This job for which you get PAID, can net you more than $60K a year.  Not to mention, you’ll have a leg up on all the video game competitions where you can win even more money – though meeting girls might be challenging!  Have at it gamers.  If you’re going to sit in front of a computer screen all day pushing buttons, it might as well be fun. 

2. Netflix “Tagger” – Okay couch potatoes, your dream just came true.  You can sit in front of the TV (or computer screen) and just watch Netflix programming all-day-long, and yes…get PAID for it.  While a few hundred dollars a week won’t make you rich, it isn’t chump change either – especially for just watching TV.  However, please remember that those things you see on TV – like the sun – often actually exist right outside your front door.  So get up off the couch occasionally and experience them.

1. Professional Selfie Model – Hard to believe, but yes, this job actually does exist.  There are people who are PAID to take photos of themselves in fun, unusual or exotic locations and post them on Instagram or other social media channels.  Now, not everyone can qualify for this job.  First, you have to be particularly self-centered and well educated in narcissism.  But if you have the right credentials, you too can earn a living with a selfie-stick.  Just be careful not to get egotism elbow.  It can be a career ending injury.

Of course we took some comic liberties with many of the job descriptions above, but rest assured, these jobs are real and if you look hard enough you can find them and possibly change your life!  At the end of the day, we should all try to find work we enjoy.  After all, we spend more time working than doing almost anything else. 

Next stop…Fantasy Island!

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This article was written by: Brendan Hurley
Chief Marketing Officer

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