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Each year, Goodwill of Greater Washington’s Donation Centers receive 32 million pounds of goods from our generous donors. This includes everything from housewares, to clothing, and even toys. The sale of these items in our retail stores generates much-needed funding for our workforce development programming – and we could not be more grateful! 

However, It is not uncommon for our donors to mix-up bags and boxes while moving or after finishing spring cleaning, which sometimes results in interesting donation drop-offs. In quite a few cases, an explanation for an odd donation may not be as readily available. With Halloween only weeks away, we thought it would be fun to take a dive into a few of the strangest, zaniest, most macabre donated items found at Goodwill agencies across the country.  Without further ado…

suit jacket with money in the pockets donated to Goodwill

1. A suit jacket over-flowing with $5,000 in cash. (The money was returned to the original owner!)

am fm radio and phone toliet paper dispenser found secondhand

2. A radio/phone/toilet-paper holder combo for the most worthy of multi-taskers. 

fake mummified leg found at Goodwill

3. This frightfully life-like mummified leg inside of a vintage suitcase. 

Air soft pellet gun resembling grenade launcher

4. A replica grenade launcher which caused quite a stir when it ended up at a Goodwill in Sarasota, Florida!

Dancing Grannies VHS fintess tape

5. This “Dancing Granny Mature Fitness” VHS tape.

Dentures donated to Goodwill

6. Granny’s dentures. 

urn donated to goodwill

7. Someone’s granny?

Some of these donations are silly, others dangerous, and a few simply bizarre.  But what is most compelling about this list is that it represents only a tiny fraction of the odd items donated annually. During your next seasonal closet purge, I hope you will keep these very interesting items in mind as you decide what you will likely give to Goodwill!

Happy Halloween!

Working Capital, Goodwill mission blog author
This article was written by: Jasmine Taylor
Marketing & Community Relations Manager

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