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woman cleans a desk with a blue cloth

Because…1. Since everyone seems to be on a Marie Kondo kick. 2. It is spring which is the traditional time for cleaning. And, 3. This is a blog about workforce development. We thought now would be a good time to talk about spring cleaning…for your office.

*Savvy readers will note that we are not including pics of our office.*

Where to begin. If you’re like me the best place to start is with…Outlook. When was the last time you cleaned out your e-mail folders? How many “new” e-mails are sitting in your inbox? If you haven’t read them by not how urgent can they be? Then, move on to your deleted folder. How many thousands do you have? Why are they still sitting there? Sure, that response you send back in 2015 might be important…someday. Then move it to a folder for posterity. Otherwise, delete it! After all, you already did. Recycle those electrons. This might also be a good time to go through your document folders and possibly update your passwords.

Since we are already dealing with the computer, how does that monitor and keyboard look? There are several studies that show a higher level of germs and bacteria live on your keyboard than in your bathroom. That should be motivation enough to tackle this project. Besides virulent organisms, your keyboard probably is full of dust and crumbs too. Turn off your computer (after you finish reading this blog) and get going!

One of the biggest areas the “experts” say you should clean and tidy up is your desktop. Your actual desktop, not the Windows version. I’m of two minds on this. My desk is usually a vision of organized chaos. It may look messy to you but I know where everything is. Still, there is likely an accumulation of junk sitting there that can be eliminated. Do you need more than one coffee cup? How many pens and pencils do you have in that container? Probably more than you will ever use.

While your desk may be your sanctuary, what lies underneath may be a bad place. When was the last time you looked under there? Hopefully, nothing is growing but check to see what you’ve stashed there. Do you need it? Do you even want it? Clean away and get your leg room back!

Those same experts also suggest that you organize your drawers. We are not going there. How you keep your files is a personal preference. As long as you can find things when you need them we say – Godspeed. However, maybe that memo about the break room from 2012 is no longer vital — just saying.

If you work in a cubicle this would be a good time to examine your walls. All those papers you’ve pinned there, the random post-it note reminders and other hanging flotsam and jetsam might do with a little sprucing up.

Once you’ve decluttered and Windexed everything you will stand as a shining example to your co-workers and, possibly, motivate them to do the same.

We cannot guarantee that a clean workspace will make you more productive, healthier or feel better about yourself. However, we do offer this infographic as support exhibit A:

Image from Small Biz Trends

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This article was written by: Steve Allan

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