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Mission Story: Antwone Wrenn

“When my daughter was born, my whole life was changed. So it was like I have to do the right things. Make sure that she grows up into a life of not wrong doings but with a good father figure.” -Antwone Wrenn

In many environments Antwone Wrenn’s soft-spoken nature may cause him to go virtually unnoticed.  But if you ask anyone at the Goodwill of Greater Washington headquarters about him you’d be hard pressed to find even one person who doesn’t smile when they hear his name.  Antwone’s kindness and diligent work ethic have become a staple at 2200 South Dakota Avenue and most certainly anyone that works at the DC Goodwill headquarters would notice if he were gone.

Being able to provide for his family has been top priority for Antwone for many years.  He will admit that when he was unemployed there was a time when he would do almost anything in order to keep his family fed.  Even while looking for employment it was hard for him to stay out of trouble.  But 15 years ago Antwone experienced a life changing event that would give him the motivation to make the right decisions and ultimately lead him to Goodwill.  When he welcomed his daughter, Evita Alejandra Wrenn, into the world he would strive to be the family man that he knew she deserved.

It is physically impossible for Antwone to contain the look of pride that envelopes him when he speaks of his daughter.  He has very good reason to be proud.  Evita began writing children’s novels and stories when she was only 10 and now at the age of 15 is already talking to a publishing company.

“When I first read one of her stories I was like ‘You really wrote this?’ and she said ‘Yea’.  And then I asked ‘With no help?’ and she was like ‘Yea’”, he says.  “It was amazing to me just to see my child do something that she really loved doing.  She has such a vivid imagination.”

“I’m proud.  Very proud.  I’m a very proud father.”  Antwone says with a big smile.

When asked about his dreams for his daughter, Antwone simply replies, “Just to go to college and be the best at whatever she wants to be.  I am behind her 100%.”

It is apparent that Evita has helped give Antwone the drive to continue down a better path.    Family can have that effect on a person.  Even his mother and grandmother glow when they talk about how proud they are of him.  Giving people the chance to not only improve their own lives but also the lives of their families is a big part of Goodwill of Greater Washington’s mission of putting people back to work.

Everyday someone asks if Goodwill is hiring and Antwone tells them, “Just come up there and give it a try.  I’m quite sure that Goodwill has a spot for you.  Once you get in that door just do what you have to do.  Goodwill is a good place.”

Transforming lives and communities through the power of education and employment is done one life at a time.  Goodwill of Greater Washington has helped Antwone Wrenn change his life.  Now he is fulfilling his dream of giving his family a better life.  And his entire community is the better for it.

Working Capital, Goodwill mission blog author
This article was written by: David Meloy
Marketing and Community Relations Manager


  1. billy joyner says:

    great story antwan keep up the good work

  2. tonishia patterson says:

    Awww great story 🙂 keep it up God Bless

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