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At Goodwill we rely on generous donations of clothing, household goods, vehicles, and computers in order to fund free job training programs and employment services for people with disabilities and disadvantages.

Goodwill Community Donation Drives

Because Goodwill relies on the kindness of individuals in the community we aim to accommodate our donors by making the donation process as convenient, efficient, and fun as possible through community donation drives!  This includes partnering with local businesses, apartment complexes, civic organizations, and other community groups.

When an organization chooses to coordinate a donation drive with Goodwill it is a way for us to bring the donation center directly to you.  For a predetermined period of time Goodwill will deliver donation receptacles (boxes or bins) to an office, neighborhood, apartment complex, etc. where the individuals in that building or community will be able to drop off their donations. While convenience is one benefit of hosting a donation drive, you will know how much of an impact  your donations made in your community shortly after the drive is completed. Not only can we calculate the approximate weight of donations collected but also the total number of hours of free job training.  Check out a few success stories who have been impacted by these donations.

GEICO Community Donation Drives

A great example of this comes from our community donation drives held with GEICO twice a year at its headquarters in Chevy Chase, MD for four hours on a Saturday. Our most recent donation drive with GEICO generated approximately 10,000 lbs. of donations which equals over 58 days of free job training!

Marriott donation drive with Goodwill

Marriott donation drive with Goodwill.

Donation drives also build employee morale and a sense of community spirit while allowing donors to demonstrate good environmental stewardship through the repurposing and reuse of gently used goods.

Are you working for an organization that wants to have a substantial impact in the community?  Do you live in a building or neighborhood where you know your neighbors have some clothing or household items that have outgrown their homes?  How about an office that wants to practice good corporate social responsibility?

Would you like to host a Goodwill Donation Drive?

Let us know if you or your organization would like to positively impact our community by hosting a donation drive. For more information view our Donation Drive Guidelines.

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This article was written by: David Meloy
Marketing and Community Relations Manager

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