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Hard to believe that another year has flown by.  Seems like just yesterday we were changing our calendars from 1999 to 2000. Think of all the things that we take for granted today that didn’t even exist in 2000:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Mobile apps
  • Text messaging
  • iPads
  • Skype
  • Paypal
  • GPS

Those inventions also created a heckuva lot of new jobs too:  App developers, social media managers, flat screen TV technicians to name a few.

Amazing isn’t it?  And with every New Year come new career opportunities.

The predicts these jobs will be in high demand in 2018, and none of them require a 4-year college degree.

Fitness trainers
Most of these jobs only require a high school diploma and some fitness training.

Occupational therapist assistant
An associates degree and proper licensing may be all you need to secure this well-paying job.

Pharmacy technician
No 4-year degree required here and the opportunities may be abundant.

Skincare specialist
A certificate from an accredited cosmetology or esthetician program, plus licensing will get you hired.

Environmental engineering technician
An associates degree and strong analytical skills will land you this sweet title.

Registered Nurse
Who knew that many nursing positions only require an associates degree.  These are well-paying jobs with tremendous career options.

At Goodwill of Greater Washington, we also see opportunity in some of these fields.  In 2018, we anticipate continuing our programs in unarmed security, hospitality, and energy & utilities.  We’re also looking into a healthcare training program – an industry where jobs may outpace qualified applicants.

Don’t fret if you’re in the job market in 2018.  Looks like there might be some good options for you to consider.

Happy New Year from all of us at Goodwill of Greater Washington!

Working Capital, Goodwill mission blog author
This article was written by: Brendan Hurley
Chief Marketing Officer

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