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6 Most Asked Interview Questions Part 2

Let’s face it – one of the most stressful situations you can be in is the job interview. Not just for the candidate but for the interviewer as well. As the job seeker, you are stressed by how to best present your total package in 45 minutes to an hour. As the recruiter, you are stressed by how to extract all the data you need from a stressed out person in a short period of time.

This is a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, this situation has been around for a long time and many companies have figured out how to do this well. We wanted to see why companies have been credited with being among the best to interview with.

Here’s what we found:

According to a recent article from Glassdoor, the best companies at interviewing use the following three techniques.

Case Interview: Don’t just ask questions, present a business problem to the interviewee and have them solve it. This will provide a deeper insight into the candidate’s knowledge base and problem-solving skills.

Get to know the person: Every candidate has an “interview persona”. We try to show our best side. But below that façade exists a real person. The better interviewers engage in a two-way conversation that helps peel back the layers.

Interview for skills: Job descriptions are important but often end up being more of a guideline than a rigid container. Good interviewers probe to find out what motivates a candidate. What gets them excited. How your position fits with their aspirations. They certainly need to find out what you know but also who you are.

That’s the how. What about the who?

There are many lists out there that rank the best companies to interview with. We have provided some links below for your perusal.

That said, another Glassdoor article from a couple of years ago listed the ten best places to interview. We won’t run down the names because we think the comments are more revealing. Here is a sampling of why people think these companies nailed the interview process:

  • “They are friendly and honest.”
  • “They emphasize fit.”
  • “The process is transparent and comfortable.”
  • “The interviews are interactive.”
  • “The experience is the opposite of uptight.”
  • “They actually want to get to know you.”

Now, these companies may not be the best fit for your career path. But, they offer a good road map for what to look for as an interviewee and how to best obtain what you need for an interviewer.

What “best practices” have you experienced in a job interview? And, since this is the Internet, got any horror stories?

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This article was written by: Steve Allan

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