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Catherine Meloy

Catherine Meloy, President & CEO

"When you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.”
-W. Clement Stone


This is a perfect quote that follows the beauty of the Thanksgiving holiday and helps us to usher in the glory of the Holiday season! As the Goodwill team closes another year and gives thanks for both the challenges and the successes of this past year, we stop to be most thankful for you…our supportive donors.

“You share”…endlessly…with your time, talent and financial gifts. Without this support, our Goodwill work would be limited…with you, our impact is limitless!
- Catherine


President & CEO, Goodwill of Greater Washington

Catherine Meloy is the President and CEO of Goodwill of Greater Washington. She was selected in 2003 by the Goodwill Board of Trustees as a proven business leader who could dramatically extend the reach and vitality of the organization and enable it to serve an even broader segment of the disabled and disadvantaged population.



Michael Frohm

Chief Operating Officer, Goodwill of Greater Washington

Michael Frohm, Chief Operating Officer

Michael Frohm is the Chief Operating Officer for Goodwill of Greater Washington. He has direct oversight of the Contracts, Human Resources and Information Technology Divisions. Michael is also responsible for Strategic Planning



Brendan Hurley

Chief Marketing Officer, Goodwill of Greater Washington

Brendan Hurley, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Brendan Hurley is the Chief Marketing Officer for Goodwill of Greater Washington where he is responsible for the non-profit agency’s internal and external marketing & communications strategies covering its retail operations, contract



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