Dave Sullivan

Vice President, Donations & Retail Sales, Goodwill of Greater Washington

Dave Sullivan, Vice President, Donations & Retail Sales

Dave Sullivan is the Vice President of Donations & Retail Sales at Goodwill of Greater Washington (GGW).

Dave is responsible for planning, organizing and administering all aspects of the nonprofit agency's donated goods and retail operations.


Before coming to Goodwill Dave worked as an independent consultant for Sullutions, where he helped companies like Avendra simplify their business operations and control expenses, leading to improved bottom line profitability.

Prior to Sullutions, Dave was a District Manager for Giant Food, where he was responsible for the performance and overall profitability of 12 Giant Food Stores varying in volume from $17 to $52 million.

Dave also spent 27 years at Sears, Roebuck & Co. where he moved up through the ranks ultimately becoming a Regional Manager for Product Services overseeing a six state region including 52 profit centers and 3,200 associates.

Throughout his career, Dave has proven to be an expert in systems architecture, revenue generation and expense control.  He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from George Mason University.

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