Rush To Donate For Taxes

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Published: Friday, Dec 29, 2011
9 News Now

ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA) -- Many charities are seeing a rush of donations pouring in these days. That's because there are only a few days left to donate in order to get that tax write off for 2011.

The Goodwill off Glebe Road in Arlington is the top money maker and busiest out of all of their locations in the Metropolitan area.

They had a constant flow of stuffed cars with people who were very aware they were participating in a good cause while getting a little benefit themselves.

Anthony Shelborne donated a bunch of clothes. "It's all about tax time. We clean out the house this time every year and go to Goodwill...gotta get those tax deduction. There are so many less fortunate and you get a little benefit."

Staphanie Dailey is unloading a Uhaul of items and making sure she gets a good 2011 write off. "I've brought a whole bedroom set, mattress, armoire, pictures. There's nothing like a good tax credit."

The Glebe Road Goodwill helps disabled and disadvantaged people find jobs and give them job training. For every dollar that's donated, 92 cents goes back to that cause.

Brendan Hurley is the Goodwill spokesperson and says, "Make sure if you are donating goods, it's a charitable organization. There are lot of businesses out there that mislead donors, that will impact what they can write off on their tax deduction.

Craig Novitsky says, "That's a benefit but the whole point is to help someone else."

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