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A Mission Moment

Ronnie Felder Celebrates Half a Century with Goodwill! In 1961 President Barack Obama was born, construction of the Berlin Wall had just begun, gas was 27 cents a gallon, the average cost of a new home was $12,500, and Ronnie Felder started working at Goodwill of Greater Washington.

In today’s corporate world, employee turnover and transience is commonplace. Finding anyone with the loyalty to remain with one organization for 50 years is simply unheard of. Yet Veronica “Ronnie” Felder did it. On July 13th of this year, Ronnie celebrated her 50th anniversary at Goodwill.

Ronnie is an institution within an institution. She exemplifies everything that is good at Goodwill; though hard work and commitment are nothing new to her. Ronnie raised three children and now has three beautiful grandchildren. All of whom were born during her years with Goodwill.

How do you recognize the level of loyalty and dedication Ronnie exemplifies? It’s impossible to do it justice, but those who know Ronnie also understand that recognition is not what she seeks.

“Goodwill is a place that I love, or I wouldn’t have stayed here so long”, she says. “When I come to work, it still feels like my first day.”

Well Ronnie, it’s not your first day. It’s now been 18,250 and counting. And THAT is to be celebrated!



Catherine's Corner

“My life is my message.”

Catherine Meloy, GGW President & CEOSuch a simple quote that as this year comes to a close is reflective of the lives Goodwill of Greater Washington has touched. Daily the Goodwill team tries to “change the message” of the people who cross our door steps from despair to hope, insecurity to confidence and failure to success.

As you know, this cannot be done without YOUR support. You are a part of our team, a part of the change, a part of creating a “new message”. Simply said…thank you…on behalf of the entire Goodwill family…and the lives of the people you will never meet, but who are impacted by your tremendous generosity.

-Catherine Meloy, GGW President & CEO



Retail & Donation News

10 Tips for Making a Year End Donation of Goods

During this season of giving, Goodwill of Greater Washington would like to offer 10 helpful tips for anyone who wishes to make a year-end donation of clothing, household goods, computers or vehicles to Goodwill other charitable agencies.

1. Try to make your donation as early in the day as possible when lines will be shorter (donation sites and hours of operation for Goodwill can be found at,
(Read more...)


December’s Foursquare Deal!

Goodwill of Greater Washington Monthly Foursquare DealWhen you shop at your Goodwill store remember to check-in via Foursquare. All this month, check-in twice and get 50% off any toy purchase. Yes, we said 50% off! Not on Foursquare? Sign up today. Keep checking back each month to receive other exclusive discounts!



Friends of Goodwill

Share a Smile Campaign with Goodwill & Enterprise was a Big Success!

Share a Smile with GoodwillThanks to your generous support and a $5,000 matching gift from our friends at Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Goodwill’s December Share a Smile campaign exceeded $10,000!

Your contributions will make a huge and immediate impact on the lives of people hoping to improve their quality of life this holiday season and into 2012. Thank you!



Goodwill Fundraises Through Recoup

Goodwill Fundraises Through Recoup Goodwill of Greater Washington is very excited to announce our new partnership with Recoup, the first online marketplace connecting people with the brands they like and the causes they care about, like Goodwill.

Buy what you like. Save what you want. Support what you love.

Here's how it works.
Sign up for Recoup to receive special deals from local and national merchants. If we can reach 100 supporters on Recoup by the end of the year, Recoup will DOUBLE donations to us!

Buy what you like. Purchase a great promotion from local or national stores at a heavily discounted price.

Recoup automatically donates a percentage of your purchase to Goodwill, but you can also choose to increase that donation by converting more of your savings to a tax-deductible donation.

The holidays are fast-approaching, and we hope you'll take advantage of the deals at Recoup when fulfilling your holiday gift needs. It's an effortless way to help our community.



Goodwill Around Town

Help Kick off our Jobs in ‘12 Campaign with the Walk for Work

Join Goodwill of Greater Washington on January 17th as we kick off our Jobs in ‘12 campaign with the Walk for Work.

Walk for Work was inspired by the success of our “Give to the Max Day” challenge on November 5th. Thanks to your passion for the Goodwill mission and the communities that we serve, Goodwill exceeded its fundraising goal of $5,000, so as promised, the Smiling “G” will take a long walk down K Street. (Read more...)



Goodwill on the Hill

Goodwill® Educates Donors, Congress on Charitable Giving This Holiday Season

During the economic downturn of the past few years, charitable donations have decreased dramatically across the nonprofit sector; with some leaders predicting it will it take charities six years to return to where they were financially in 2007. Further reductions in these donations will reduce nonprofits’ ability to serve the individuals and families who rely on them for job training and other critical community-based services. (Read more...)



The Fashion of Goodwill

DC Goodwill Fashionista - Good Gift of the Week: Designer Bags

I stand firmly by the belief that all women can appreciate a quality handbag. There are plenty of purses available at all our area Goodwill locations, where you can find... Check out this week's Good Gift Idea.

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