Disability Services

Summary of Disability Services

Customized Employment (CE) Strategies a Department of Labor, Office of Disability Policy, best practice, are utilized by our Career Coaches to address the high rate of unemployment amongst people with severe disabilities.  CE takes into account both the needs of the career seeker and the employer, and provides a framework for achieving successful employment outcomes.  Our Career Coaches utilizes elements of CE including discovery, written / visual profiles, customized planning meetings, representational portfolios, and job development to enhance the employment outcomes of individuals with disabilities.

Job Development and Placement Services are provided to individuals who truly have a sincere desire to work. The job development team provides job search assistance while taking into consideration the factors for job development and placement such as, the individual's interests and preferences, work and functional skills, social skills, health status, career assessment/planning information, family supports, transportation needs, etc.
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Job Coaching and Retention Services is provided by a Career Coach for individuals with disabilities who are individually placed in community employment. Successful placement is always contingent upon the new employee's ability to meet the needs of the employer and acclimate to their new role.  The job coaching services varies per individual served and is time-limited.
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Life Enrichment Awards Program (Project Leap) Goodwill of Greater Washington (GGW), in partnership with The HSC Foundation, is offering the Life Enrichment Awards Program to enrich the lives of youth and young adults with disabilities and chronic illnesses in the expanded Washington, DC metropolitan area. LEAP provides goods and services directly linked to youth transition planning and implementation that are usually not available from public service or government agencies. These goods and services are not covered by Medicaid or private insurance and are not considered "medically necessary".
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Travel Training is designed to teach individuals with disabilities who have the motivation to learn to travel independently, to use their public transportation system. Training is on a one to one basis and is specifically designed for each individual using a four-phase plan. This approach consists of modeling, prompting, fading and shadowing techniques.

Transitional Youth Services in partnership with the District of Columbia Public Schools and U.S. Department of Education and the co-founders GGW has launched Project SEARCH in the Federal Government. Project SEARCH is a community-based training and placement model for individuals with disabilities in their last year of high school. It is targeted for students whose main goal is competitive employment.
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Work Experience Program creates a comprehensive and dynamic vocational atmosphere which prepares individuals with disabilities the capacity to handle present and future work assignments plus develop the work socialization behaviors required in the workplace.  The work experience program provides a comprehensive approach to occupational skills training through vocational experiences at area businesses.  Through interagency collaboration (employer and community service provider) the work experience program consists of two to three task rotations (work experiences). Different work experiences allows the trainee to improve or enhance their core competencies in customer services, communication skills, flexibility, time management, interpersonal skills, problem solving, and team work.
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