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DC Goodwill Partners with Virginia Metropolitan Training Academy for its Free Unarmed Security & Protective Services Training Program

Arlington, VA – Goodwill of Greater Washington (DC Goodwill) recently launched a partnership with Virginia Metropolitan Training Academy (VMT Academy) to provide the skills based preparation for Goodwill’s unarmed security & protective services training program at its Arlington Career Center.

Goodwill’s previous training partner was an employer of security guards,. Since VMT Academy specializes in training and does not employ security guards itself, Goodwill believes more employers will be willing to hire Goodwill graduates who were not trained by a direct competitor.

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Sign of Economic Recovery or Need for Tax Deductions?

Washington, DC – In 2013 Goodwill of Greater Washington (DC Goodwill) has seen a 19.4% increase in donations of household goods over 2012. December is usually the busiest donation month of the year as donors seek last minute tax deductions, but the month’s donations were still 15% higher than a year ago.

Typically, donations of goods increase when the economy is strong and consumers are purchasing more new goods. Is it possible that the increase in donations is a strong indicator of regional economic stability?

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Events DC Announces Comprehensive Hospitality Jobs Training Program to Ready the District’s Workforce for the Washington Marriott Marquis

Program will Prepare as many as 600 Washington, DC Residents for Hotel Careers

Events DC, the official convention and sports authority for the District of Columbia, announced the launch of the Washington Marriott Marquis Jobs Training Program in collaboration with Goodwill of Greater Washington and a coalition of community-based organizations. This jobs-training initiative will prepare and train up to 600 District residents for jobs with the new Washington Marriott Marquis, scheduled to open in May 2014.

Goodwill of Greater Washington has been awarded this grant for workforce development and will lead this collaborative training effort with United Way of the National Capital Area, the University of the District of Columbia Community College, Progressive Partners, LLC, GROW LLC, the OMG Center for Collaborative Learning and other District-based organizations. The purpose of the grant is to select a workforce intermediary to recruit, prepare, train, and refer new hotel employees in cooperation with Marriott International, Inc.

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Goodwill Launches Community Designed Donation Bin Campaign with Applebee’s

New “Kid’s Bins” designed by school children to promote Goodwill mission and develop community pride of ownership

Washington, DC – While a growing number of communities are becoming inundated with unmarked donation bins or bins with dubious charitable benefit, Goodwill of Greater Washington (DC Goodwill) is launching a new campaign to make its donation bins unique, while emphasizing the charity’s mission in a fun and community driven manner. The campaign is called, “Goodwill Kid’s Bins”.

In partnership with Applebee’s, DC Goodwill is working with local schools by inviting students to design the artwork that will wrap each new donation bin placed in an Applebee’s parking lot.

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The Fashion of Goodwill Runway Show & Gala Takes an Artistic Turn

If fashion is indeed art, then nowhere can you find a more diverse collection of fashionable art than at Goodwill of Greater Washington retail stores – where styles, genres, colors, patterns, brands, generations and genders are so universally represented.

That’s why on September 24th at Artisphere in Rosslyn, the popular Fashion of Goodwill Runway Show and Gala will return with an imaginative theme: The Art of Fashion!

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