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Capital One Bank invests in our local communities, working with partners to support families, economic development and financial education programs.

We are committed to finding and investing in programs that enhance the lives of the Children and families in our communities.

At Capital One® , we aim to help make our communities dynamic places where families can live, work, grow and realize their dreams. Our approach involves making investments and bringing together resources to transform not only the physical environment, but also the economic opportunity available for residents and businesses alike. And, when our communities thrive, businesses within that community, including our own, can thrive.

We develop and support programs that not only rebuild the brick and mortar structures of local neighborhoods, but also help revitalize the social and economic well-being of the community

Capital One helps improve the communities in which we live and work. We finance the creation and rehabilitation of safe, affordable housing for low-income and special-needs populations. We also seek to develop, enhance and strengthen low-income neighborhoods by financing projects that support community stabilization and revitalization efforts. In addition, we have a very strong commitment to supporting small businesses.

We've developed a financial education program to empower our customers, our communities, youth, and our associates with the tools and resources to make smart financial decisions

At Capital One , we understand the importance of economic security to families in our communities, and we believe financial literacy and money management skills are crucial building blocks for success. Since our company's founding, we've been investing in programs that prepare children for successful futures and teens and adults for economic self-reliance. We approach financial education in a variety of different ways, and design our programs to reach audiences of all ages. A thorough understanding of financial matters and the credit system helps consumers make better decisions about their personal finances. Accordingly, we’ve actively sought—and developed—innovative ways to teach the basics of money management to students and families.

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