Goodwill Job Training Programs

Goodwill Job Training Programs

Quality Job Training at No Cost to You

Goodwill’s job training programs focus on careers in high demand industries. Each program is specifically designed for unemployed and underemployed job seekers in greater Washington, DC region.

We help you obtain valuable skills that will lead to a successful career. You will receive:

Industry Recognized Certifications
Industry Recognized Certifications
1-on-1 Job Placement Assistance
1-on-1 Job Placement Assistance
Tuition Free Job Training
Tuition Free Job Training

Current Job Training Programs

Goodwill Hospitality Jobs Training Program
Learn the ins and outs of the Hospitality industry, while receiving the skills needed to work in entry-level DC area jobs.
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Goodwill Security & Protective Services Job Training Program
Our Security and Protective Services training program will give you the skills needed to work in the security industry in the DC area.
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Energy Program

Goodwill Energy & Utilities Job Training Program

Security Program

Goodwill Security Jobs Training Program

Hospitality Program

Goodwill Hospitality Jobs Training Program

2015 Program Statistics

In 2015:75%of our graduates were hired for new jobs.

3 out of 4graduates retain their jobs for at least 90 days.

$13.06/Houraverage graduate starting hourly wage.
* Based on 2015 data.

Graduate Success Stories

Faces of GoodwillGoodwill Success Stories
Goodwill Graduate's and their real life success stories.Success Stories

Faces of Goodwill - Success Stories Your donations and shopping fund job training for people with disabilities and disadvantages.

Goodwill Career Coaching Helped Keron Excel to Excellence

Posted: September 30, 2016
In two years, Keron has gone from a Goodwill associate who struggled adjusting to his new job to a top worker and leader. This lead to Keron receiving the 2016 Goodwill RISE Award for Excellence.

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