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Working Capital - Goodwill's Mission Blog
Working Capital - Goodwill's Mission Blog
Working Capital - Goodwill's Mission Blog

Navigating Networking

Posted: July 17, 2017

We asked prominent Washington D.C. business leader and professional coach Tim Kime some questions revolving around the tricky art of effective networking. We would now like to pass along some helpful tips that come from his years of experience on this topic.

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7 Career Killers

Posted: July 7, 2017

We talk a lot about what to do to advance your career. But what about the things you shouldn't do? Those aspects are just as important to a long and healthy working life as the things you should be doing. With that in mind we would like to present a few maneuvers that could prove deadly to your career.

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Careers of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Posted: June 29, 2017

The core of Goodwill of Greater Washington's mission is workforce development. We work to accomplish this through job training, education, and assistance with job placement. In celebration of Independence Day we thought it might be fun and interesting to take a look at some of the professions of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

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Goodwill of Greater Washington’s 2017 Celebration of RISE

Posted: June 23, 2017

Every year we take a moment to recognize the outstanding individuals who make Goodwill of Greater Washington the strong organization it is during our annual Celebration of R.I.S.E. And while all 900+ associates are vital to our success we would like to recognize the four who truly embody our core values.

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It’s Time to Stop Putting Off That Vacation

Posted: June 15, 2017

Have you been putting off that much needed vacation? It might be time to consider taking it. You'd be surprised at the far reaching benefits it can have not only for you but for your company and the economy.

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Summer Podcast Listening List

Posted: June 12, 2017

The summer is prime time for some rest, relaxation, fun, sun, and of course bar-b-ques. But if you have an insatiable career growth itch that must be scratched these seven podcasts might be the perfect way to satisfy that desire while on vacation.

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Webcam Interviews

Posted: June 2, 2017

As we press further into the 21st century, technology has allowed us to connect in so many new ways. This includes the means in which we meet and evaluate job applicants. And while these methods have gained prevalence, they are still uncharted territory for many people. That is why we wanted to present some tips to help navigate the booming trend that is web cam interviews.

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Advice from Goodwill of Greater Washington Execs to New Grads

Posted: May 30, 2017

Last year we reached out to a few local D.C. business leaders to ask them what tips they would give recent graduates as they enter the workforce. This year we approached our own Goodwill of Greater Washington execs and asked them the same question to see what words of wisdom they would provide.

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Business Meal Etiquette

Posted: May 22, 2017

So it's time to get a bite to eat with the coworkers and/or boss. This can be a great opportunity to connect with your colleagues in a different setting and not only grow together on a professional level but also on a personal one. But this is also a situation when you absolutely need to be on point. Here are a few suggestions we have compiled to help you do just that.

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Goodwill Celebrates 35 Years at the Bureau of Engraving & Printing

Posted: May 19, 2017

Goodwill of Greater Washington’s Contract Services provides employment opportunities for people with significant disabilities by securing Federal contracts in accordance with the AbilityOne Program. This year we are very excited to be celebrating a momentous anniversary at our oldest contract site: The Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

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