November 2010
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    Catherine's Corner

    "The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one."

    Oscar Wilde

    In today's world so many do not have to "imagine" they don't have a is a stark reality. And without the proper training, coaching, mentoring and support by the Goodwill of Greater Washington associates, many could not appreciate their jobs...because they would not have a job. But, thanks to your generosity, the dedicated Goodwill team, and the desire of those we serve a job can be achieved. During this month of "Thanksgiving" I want to send a warm and sincere "Thank You"...because of you imagination becomes a reality!

    Catherine Meloy, President & CEO

      A Mission Moment

    Download a schedule of Free Traing Classes for 2010

    Lorraine Fells, Goodwill of Greater Washington, speaks at 2010 WAWF Leadership Luncheon

    Lorraine Fells shares how she kicked her 40-year addiction to heroin and found employment and a purpose with help from Goodwill of Greater Washington.

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      Goodwill Around Town

    got Jobs?




    Goodwill Grand Opening a Success!

    View more photos on our Facebook pageThe new Goodwill Retail Store & Donation Center at 2936 Annandale Road in Falls Church, VA opened its doors on October 30th with our corporate sponsors Capital One and hundreds of members of the local community! Many families from around the area stopped by with their children in Halloween costumes and enjoyed a day of fun, food, and great value. Thank you to everyone who came out to support their local Goodwill.

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    Share a Smile During the Holidays!

    buy a Smilling G for $1Throughout the first two weeks of December, Goodwill will be promoting the Share a Smile campaign in our retail stores as a fundraiser to help raise additional funds to support our critical workforce development programs this holiday season. Washington Gas is generously sponsoring this campaign.

    Please come and visit your local DC Goodwill store to support and help Goodwill provide job training services to those who need them the most.

    Sponsored by:
    visit Washington Gas

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    Goodwill Holiday Trunk Show on U Street

    Visit the DCGFOn Friday, December 10th, we will be partnering with Caramel, a local boutique on U Street in Washington, DC for a holiday trunk show! Last year's holiday trunk show at Caramel drew hundreds of shoppers who enjoyed plenty of stylish dresses for the upcoming holiday party season. All of the proceeds from the trunk show go towards our mission to help provide free job training.

    Between, November 26th and Friday, December 10th, Caramel will be accepting donations of gently used clothing for Goodwill. To thank you for your donation, Caramel will give any donor a 15% discount on any non-sale Caramel items. A Stacy London trained stylist, Lisa Tumbarello, will be on hand to help you pick out the perfect dress. During the event expect exclusive discounts offered on select Caramel styles!

    We hope to see you there!!

    Date: December 10, 2010
    Location: 1603 ‘U’ St NW Washington, DC
    Time: 5PM to 8PM

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      Goodwill on the Hill

    Contact your U.S. Representative Contact your U.S. Senator

    Debt Commission May Decrease Funding for Employment Programs

    US CapitalLast week, the co-chairs of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform released a discussion draft of ideas to reduce annual government budget deficits and pay down the U.S. national debt.

    The draft takes a serious look at the reasons for recent record deficits and is a first step in a deficit-reduction process that will likely unfold in the 112th Congress and beyond. The commission will send Congress its final recommendations on December 1.

    Those recommendations will come at a time of uncertain outcomes in Washington. The partisan bickering that consumed much of the last two years is expected to continue as Republicans take over the House of Representatives. The prospects for any budgetary compromise seem grim.

    Is Goodwill Affected?

    Your local Goodwill could be affected by both potential changes to spending on federal programs and reforms of the revenue system. The draft proposal recommends cuts in federal spending and significant changes to the tax code that could impact charitable tax deductions, as well as enact broad entitlement reforms.

    Earlier this week, Senate Republicans voted to voluntarily abstain from seeking earmarks in spending bills for the next two years. It remains to be seen if they will hold to the pledge, which isn’t binding. Members of Congress have used earmarks in the past to fund projects in their home states and districts — making an all-out ban difficult for representatives to follow.

    But due to the negative attention caused by flagrant earmark abuses, lawmakers are quick to sacrifice earmarks to reduce the deficit. And while abuses should be eliminated, community-based organizations often receive earmarks to help fund critical initiatives — including job training programs, which are working to put people to work during the difficult economy.

    By Jordan Abushawish
    GII Public Policy Specialist

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    Friends of Goodwill



    Goodwill® Ranked Nation's Leading Workforce Development Nonprofit by Philanthropedia

    Goodwill Industries International, a leading social enterprise, is pleased to announce that it has been globally ranked as a top ten workforce development nonprofit by Philanthropedia, an organization devoted to improving and measuring nonprofit effectiveness. The organization surveyed a large group of experienced nonprofit experts, including foundation professionals, government officials, nonprofit senior staff, academics, researchers, and others, and asked them to identify some of the highest-impact nonprofits working in their sectors. The experts were surveyed about topics that were both timely and relevant to the country, and it was from that angle that they decided to study workforce development.

    Among those surveyed were 121 national workforce development experts, who on average had 16 years of work experience, in order to identify organizations that were making the biggest impact in the field, based upon their success in carrying out their respective missions, and evidence they are having an impact. Experts recommended Goodwill, based on its strengths in the areas of job retention/stability, job advancement, capacity and skill building, and helping people of vulnerable populations obtain and maintain their career goals.

    "A strong economy begins with an educated workforce," said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. "Goodwill's workforce development efforts are focused on helping people get the skills and the jobs they need to sustain themselves and their families. The Philanthropedia ranking will help donors understand that we have a high commitment to working with individuals with severe challenges to employment."

    Experts' reviews for the Philanthropedia ranking include the following comments:

    "Goodwill has been at the forefront of innovative workforce practice, such as transitional and subsidized employment strategies."

    "Goodwill is one of the very few organizations that provides really well-conceived, effective workforce training to the very hard to employ."

    "Goodwill delivers high quality programming whilst building a strong fee for service work model that gives the organization the flexibility to successfully blend federal and private funds to accomplish their mission."

    "Goodwill serves a high needs population and offers a diverse range of programming, including advocacy, education, training, life skills and job placement," said Erinn Andrews, COO of Philanthropedia. "We hope donors will reward Goodwill for its superb efforts to develop and advance the skills of people facing challenges to finding employment while strengthening those individuals' relationships with their families and communities.

    View Goodwill's ranking

    DC Goodwill Launches New iPhone App!

    Download the GGW iPhone AppFinding Goodwill stores and donation centers just got much easier if you’ve got an i-Phone or i-Pad! The new DC Goodwill mobile app allows users to locate any Goodwill of Greater Washington retail store, donation center or donation bin, complete with distance, directions, photos and contact information. The app will also allow users to visit DC Goodwill on Facebook or Twitter, read our popular fashion blog, learn about our job training programs or even make a quick, easy and secure online donation.

    Goodwill of Greater Washington wants to make shopping, donating and communicating with Goodwill more convenient than ever before. Download our new DC GOODWILL iPhone app for free today…convenience...we have an app for that.

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    Donate to Goodwill

    Leave a Legacy through Goodwill

    Our region's most vulnerable citizens are finding it increasingly difficult to find work in this challenging economy, and more people are coming to our doors seeking help. That is why we are asking friends like you for lasting financial support that will strengthen and reinforce our programs for years to come.

    One of the most sustainable, enduring ways to support the work of Goodwill right here in the greater Washington, DC area is through your will or bequest. This type of legacy investment ensures that we will weather this storm, and the next one. We realize that it takes very special donors to confirm their enduring belief in our mission and remember us in their will.

    If you have been considering such an arrangement with us, or if you have already included Goodwill of Greater Washington in your will, please let us know. Simply contact Stephen Kopalchick at 202-715-2625 or email at

    It's a Tough Economy... Goodwill Needs Your Donations!

    Donation Centers: Public donations are the lifeblood of Goodwill's retail operation. We accept gently used clothing, furniture, house wares, working electronics, computers and many other items, and then resell them to help fund our employment, job training and placement services for people with disabilities and disadvantages. Please click here for a list of locations.

    Monetary: You can help financially support our workforce development programs for people with disabilities and disadvantages, by making an online donation here .

    Donation Drive: Looking for a way to support your community? Want to manage a service project that does not require a lot of preparation? Host a donation drive at your local church, job, neighborhood, or school! We make it easy as 1, 2, 3. Just contact Shanna Gidwani, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, at or 202-715-2617 to schedule a date.

    Computer Recycling Program: Goodwill of Greater Washington has partnered with Dell for Reconnect, a partnership that offers consumers free recycling for any brand of computer equipment in any condition. The program's goals are to divert over 2.7 million pounds of used computers and computer equipment from area landfills over the next year; and provide consumer education on the importance of environmentally-responsible computer disposal. Please click here for a list of locations.

    Click: GoodSearch is a search engine which donates 50-percent of its revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users. It's a simple and compelling concept. You use GoodSearch exactly as you would any other search engine. Because it's powered by Yahoo!, you get proven search results. The money GoodSearch donates to your cause comes from its advertisers — the users and the organizations do not spend a dime!

    Go to and make Goodwill of Greater Washington your favorite charity to support!

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      Catch Goodwill if You Can!
    Click here to read Success Stories first-hand from our graduates!

    The Goodwill team is making guest appearances around the greater Washington , DC area! Want to know more about what Goodwill does? Want to get involved? Need a guest speakeryou're your school or local civic organization? Please contact Shanna Gidwani, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, at: or 202-715-2617 to schedule a date.

    Some organizations who have already invited Goodwill to speak or volunteered to support our efforts include Boys Scouts, Lions Clubs, Kiwanis, Jaycees and Rotary Clubs.

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      Employees of the Month


    See the Goodwill Good Buy of the week

    Julia Bethea– FDA/Lafayette/GPO
    Maribel Villatoro – BKB
    Beverly Saffa-Wuya – USGS
    Hosea Hanna – BAFB
    Moses Ramos – BEP
    Maria Paelaez – ARL/OPO

    Abebu Netere – Columbia Pike
    Stacy Goodwin – Alexandria
    Jessica Herndon – Arlington
    Osman Lainez – Sterling
    Maria Portillo Navarro
    – Rockville
    Delory Mckenzie
    – South Dakota
    Akouavi Desouza
    – Gaithersburg
    Mahiuddin Barbhuiya – Falls Church
    Asiaya Bapbhuiya – Glebe Rd.
    (Adela) Maria Martos
    – Herndon
    Juan Alvarez – Manasas
    Ebony Jones – e-commerce/Transportation

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    Goodwill of Greater Washington's mission is to educate, train, employ and place people with disadvantages and disabilities, creating a stronger workforce and a more vital community while building dignity for the people we serve through the removal of barriers to personal success.

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